SOUTHERN RAISED~ “u-nique” [yoo-neek], having no like or equal, unparalleled, incomparable.  Southern Raised is the very definition of unique!  Super-talented group of writers, singers and musicians.”

-Les Butler, Singing News Publisher and Front Porch Fellowship Radio Host



Coffee Connoisseur Christmas!!! Do you like to start your day with your Bible and a good cup of coffee? Is HeBREWS your favorite book of the Bible? Does sitting by the fire, curled up on a cold winter day with gospel music softly playing in the background and a cup of coffee make you feel all warm inside? We are excited to introduce Southern Raised Organic Coffee and Southern Raised handcrafted pottery mugs! You can wake up your taste buds with our Mexico-Chiapas Fair Trade ORGANIC Medium Roast coffee. Pour yourself a cup in a beautiful SOUTHERN RAISED pottery mug and enjoy coffee described as sweet, mild acidity, with hints of toffee and chocolate. The mugs are hand crafted in Hendersonville, TN and are available in your choice of three different colors, Sandalwood Brown, Forest Green and Cobalt Blue. Each mug is hand stamped with the band name and our slogan, COMMITTED TO THE LORD, EACH OTHER AND BRINGING THEIR MUSIC TO THE PEOPLE. You can purchase separately OR we have a Christmas bundle special just for you! The CHRISTMAS BUNDLE SPECIAL includes, 2 DVDs( your choice By Request or Intimate Evening at the Fontanel, 2 CDS ( your choice of A Soul Going Somewhere and Make A Difference), x 1 bag of Mexico-Chiapas ORGANIC Coffee and x 1 POTTERY MUG for $85! Just visit our store page to purchase yours just in time for Christmas! Below is a little ditty written by Lindsay that makes me smile! Hope you enjoy and smile as well!

Twas the morning of Christmas as in bed she laid
Under piles of quilts that grandmother made
The snowflakes were falling in silence outside
“Its Christmas!” brother from downstairs cried
The whole world is waking and stirring in wonder
Though the quilts were so warm that she was under
But then all at once from on the first floor
She smelled a smell like never before
Then all the sudden she sat up in her bed
Threw off the covers from over her head
Her feet hit the floor in new joy and glee
Twas the smell of Mexico-Chiapas Fair Trade Coffee!
She heard of the flavor of toffee and chocolate
How it was organic, cant stop with a pot of it!
This was the coffee of Southern Raised Band
sweet and mild, best in the land!
So start off your Christmas with warm coffee cheer
Order a bag for friends far and near!- Ditty written by Lindsay Ann Reith





BRAND NEW EPK!!! Listen as Southern Raised shares how God began their

journey sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through music by a heart felt prayer

years before. Also included is an interview with Kevin Williams of the Gaither

Vocal Band and surprise bloopers at the end! Full length 55 min DVD can be

purchased on our Store page. DVD includes 10 songs plus EPK.




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“Southern Raised has the vocal talent and the songs to become a dual-genre success in Southern Gospel.  Their live presentations infuse their classical precision with their energy.”

-Daniel Mount, Southern Gospel Journal

AlisiaK-(24)Laughingsr~ COMMITTED TO THE LORD, EACH OTHER AND BRINGING THEIR MUSIC TO THE PEOPLE defines  this phenomenal group of three sisters and a brother that are sweeping the country with a sound that has been described as “ THE OTHER SIDE OF AMAZING.”  There is a warmth and realness about them that draws you in, making them one of the best, most unique sounds on the scene.  They have the distinct ability to cross genres , winning the hearts of all who hear them.  TOP 5 FINALIST “Bluegrass Artist of the Year” Diamond Awards,  Nominated 2014 TOP 5 NEW MIXED GROUP Singing News Fan Awards,  Nominated 2013 TOP 10 NEW MIXED GROUP Singing News Fan Awards, Nominated 2013 and 2014 TOP 5 NEW ARTIST OF THE YEAR Front  Porch Fellowship Gospel Awards and 31 SPBGMA MIDWEST Nominations.

With the release of their 6th album, Make A Difference, Southern Raised is ready to take this album on the road. Working with Producer Kevin Williams and legendary Grammy Award winning Bil VornDick was not only a tremendous privilege and honor, but a dream come true for Southern Raised.   Read More

 Here’s a behind the scenes look at the making of our brand new CD release “Make A Difference.”  Produced by Kevin Williams of the Gaither Vocal Band and Engineered by Bil VornDick at Mountainside Audio Labs in Nashville, TN.  Hope y’all enjoy!