IMG_0370-EditNovember 4, 1988

Sarahis the second to oldest.  She is more on the quiet, sensitive side.  She has spent much of her life riding around in her older sister’s back pocket.   She loves to sew, cook, read, read, read, especially civil war history, but any good book as well.  She has made beautiful quilts and is EXTREMELY meticulous in everything, she appreciates order.  She has also made beautiful vintage costumes from the civil war, colonial and renaissance time period.  She loves everything vintage and a tall fluffy bed with a good read sitting on her nightstand by her vintage lamp.  Her favorite color is purple or is it blue!  She has beautiful handwriting and used to write very pretty calligraphy but hasn’t done so in years.  She makes delicious homemade cookies, enjoys cooking, makes an absolutely wonderful homemade spaghetti sauce and homemade pizza and wonderful homemade noodles!  She doesn’t do anything half way, once she starts she finishes!  She would love one day to have a 1950’s vintage truck, preferably baby blue, sit on the tailgate on a warm spring day by the creek and read her favorite book!

Nominated 2013 & 2014 SPBGMA Midwest Female Vocalist of the Year

Nominated 2013 & 2013 SPBGMA Midwest Banjo Performer of the Year


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