IMG_0406-EditDecember 8, 1997

Mattenjoys all things outdoors.  Enjoys shooting his guns, his bow, being the foreman on his cattle ranch and growing herd of  Black Angus cattle.  Looks for every opportunity to hop on the Kubota with his English Shepherd named General and head out to tame the west.  He is more reserved but still loves to cut up and have fun with his family where he feels comfortable.  He is 16 and stands at 6 ft 3 inches with chestnut hair and warm brown eyes and a dimple in his cheek.  He is quite proud of his knife collection, muscles and collects coins, however I think he is really just stashing money!  Much of life is still an adventure to him, however you would probably only know that if you are in his family, he is quite reserved around people he does not know well.  He as well has grown up on Roy Rogers and has a real gun belt with six shooters!  Matthew is more sentimental which is a nice way to say he is a packrat!  He enjoys reading as well, especially history.

Nominated 2013 & 2014 SPBGMA Midwest Guitar Performer of the Year


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