4 thoughts on “Kalispell , MT – 08/10/11

  1. Hey Reiths,

    I see you’re going to be in Kalispell this week! I can’t imagine you going there and not going to Glacier Park, so if you weren’t planning on it, you really must. It’s one of my favorite places on earth. McDonald Lake is incredible at sunset!

    We have good friends that live near Kalispell and they’re planning on coming to hear y’all. I’m sure they’ll introduce themselves. They’ve been to our Family Camp, so it’s possible you’ve met them before.

    Josh C.

  2. After listening to the music that you so graciously played inside the Bismarck Cracker Barrel Store this afternoon (8-8-11), it was evident that the 4 of you have truly been blessed by God with your gifts of musical talent! I could’ve listened to you for hours. I pray that you travel safely to Kalispell, and that you DO take the opportunity to see Glacier National Park, my favorite place on this earth. God knew what he was doing when he created this magnificent place, and I’m certain that you’ll agree with me once you’ve witnessed it with your own eyes, ears, and hearts! Thank you for the songs that you played today, and also for the CD. I will treasure this gift forever! It was an absolute pleasure to meet all of you (and your friend)! God bless you, and may you have safe travels home!

  3. Looks like a lot of fun! Is there a cost for the concert and how welcome are little ones? (4 and under) Hope we can make it work!

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