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8 thoughts on “Videos

  1. I just started getting into your music, you kids are great I watch Ya’ll on YouTube I been showing others in my family and we all love your music I just orders DVD on line, I’m from ST. Joseph Mo. But move to Gilbert AZ. over 10 years now it’s funny I was always in Branson my best friend lives down in Caps Cove at the point I drive right by Silver Dollar City I will make it a point to see you you all in person next year it’s going to get better I’m praying for it, by the way what happen to Sarah that’s my grand daughter name she retire or get merry like her singing also. well anyway hope this go in ya’ll to see from Gary

  2. Your band is well over the top. Thank you for keeping my feet moving and “Sixteen Tons” is absolutely outstanding. Wish I had that talent.

  3. Just curious. Are all or most of your videos filmed/recorded/shot in the Branson area or in the Ozarks? I just stumbled onto your music in YouTube and you made me an “instant” blue grass fan–at least of your music. Love it!!! …And I’m an old guy. Thanks for taking a wholesome track. God bless.

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