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Southern Raised is an award winning family band from the beautiful Ozark Mountains near Branson, Missouri. Music has been interwoven throughout much of their lives. Lindsay, Sarah and Emily all began on the classical violin, Emily plays the viola as well and Matthew rounded out the group on the cello. They performed in an orchestra and also a quartet together. After moving to the Ozark Mountains, a love for bluegrass quickly emerged. Having cut their teeth in the classical genre allowed them to slide into the bluegrass world without missing a beat. The two styles have merged together to create a distinct auditory sensation described as “ethereal” and reveals an intuitiveness with each other that comes only from being a family band.
“Your inimitable sound astonishes and astounds your audiences. You are truly the Millennial wave of bluegrass music.” Dr. Rita Esterly
Southern Raised’s composition and delivery of their music has amazed audiences young and old alike with smooth refreshing harmony that reaches right into the soul. They have the ability to wake up the spirit in their songs, keeping true to the quality and yet making it their own with a fresh sound. This is bluegrass but with a kick of flavor that has become a Southern Raised trademark.
“Southern Raised is a truly outstanding musical ensemble. These siblings have talent, poise and professionalism that many artists twice their age can only aspire to have. Their stage show was tight and extremely entertaining. While performing on stage, they make a connection with their audience, sharing impactful music from their hearts. Their musical style is unique in the world of bluegrass Gospel music, blending their amazing voices and their abundant instrumental talents to create a sound unlike any other group I know. It was a joy to work with this group, and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a night of music they won’t soon forget.” – Marty Scarbrough, KASU-FM Program Director and host of the Bluegrass Monday concert series
“I have been blessed to listen to a ton of gospel music, southern, bluegrass, folk, and standard hymnal. My oldest recording is 1915 when Maybel Carter was 15 or 16 and I can’t recall one group that has your sound.” Gene Peacock, KMHM 104.1
Lindsay is the heartbeat on the upright bass. She was honored to be awarded 2013 Bass Fiddle Performer of the Year by SPBGMA Midwest. She was also nominated 2013 SPBGMA Midwest Songwriter of the Year.
Sarah keeps things rolling on the banjo and plays 2nd fiddle with Emily on double fiddles. Sarah was honored to be nominated 2013 SPBGMA Midwest Contemporary Female Vocalist of the Year and 2013 SPBGMA Midwest Banjo Performer of the Year.
Emily is busy alternating between the fiddle and mandolin. Emily was honored to be nominated SPBGMA Midwest 2011, 2012 & 2013 Fiddle Performer of the Year, SPBGMA Midwest 2013 Mandolin Performer of the Year and 2013 SPBGMA Midwest Traditional Vocalist of the Year.
Matthew drives it home with his flat picking and forward moving solid rhythm on the guitar. He was honored to be nominated SPBGMA Midwest 2013 Guitar Performer of the Year.
Nominated SPBGMA Midwest Entertaining Band of the Year 1st Place 2011 CAM Band Competition
Nominated SPBGMA Midwest Gospel Band of the Year Nominated SPBGMA Midwest Album of the Year
Nominated SPBGMA Midwest Vocal Band of the Year Nominated Top Ten New Mixed Group
Nominated SPBGMA Midwest Contemporary Band of the Year Nominated Top Five New Artist of the Year
Nominated SPBGMA Midwest Instrumental Band of the Year

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