Way Down Yonder in Arkansas

Southern Raised found themselves down in the great state of Arkansas a couple weekends back.  Southern

Relaxing in the Air Conditioning:)

Raised is originally from Arkansas and very partial to the Natural State.  Hence the name, Southern Raised!  There is your fun trivia fact for the week!:)  We had a great time playing down in the Benton area, which is were my grandmother grew up.  She has many dear friends that still live there and these friends have become equally dear to us, actually like family!  They came to hear us play and we had a wonderful evening.  We played outside and it felt like it was 200 degrees when you factored in the Arkansas humidity!  I think we all left little puddles behind us, nearly melted!:)  After we played, some of my grandmother’s friends had us over to their place for supper and boy did they ever fix a meal!!!  We had a great time of fellowship and relaxed in the air conditioning!:)  I am grateful we had the opportunity to make these memories.  I am posting pics below and hope you enjoy! Blessings,Lindsay

Southern Raised Pickin
Big Group Picture with Our Dear Friends!
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