Sweet Friends and Sweet Fellowship!

I hope this finds everyone staying cool and avoiding these high, hot temps!:)  Last weekend found Southern Raised at the Aurora First Baptist Church with Pastor and Mrs. Wade Rogers and the congregation.  We played a few songs in the morning service and then were blessed by the message preached by Pastor Rogers.  A couple of points that stood out to me in his message were…. the Bible is our standard for right and wrong, no matter what the world says and warning against letting the worlds standards and politics become our own within the church.  Excellent message!  We then returned that evening and played an hour and had a fellowship afterwards.  We met the Rogers about 3 years ago when he was pastor at a different church.  We feel so blessed to call them our friends,they are the picture of christian love and kindness!  The really fun thing is…they are our neighbors!:)  They are one of those families that we feel like we have known forever..we certainly count them sweet friends and are grateful for the sweet fellowship!:)  The day we played at their church was July the 24th , which was Emma’s 17th Birthday!!!  The Rogers were so sweet and took our family out to pizza  after church!  We had a great time there together and Emmie had a special little treat…..Pastor and Mrs. Rogers sang a special rendition of happy birthday to Emmie and then Matt, the Roger’s son, and his friend Kevin sang their own special version of happy birthday to Emmie!!!:)  It certainly made her day special!  Big thank you to the  Rogers family for that wonderful afternoon!!!  I am including a pic of Southern Raised and Pastor and Mrs. Rogers and a special note on that pic :)..be sure and notice the two pics that Pastor and Mrs. Rogers are holding..it is their adorable 15 month old grandson Conner!!!!..a real cutie!  I am also including a pic of Southern Raised and The Rogers son Matthew…slightly towering above Southern Raised at 6′ 11″ !!!:)  As I close this post I think about the true blessing of sweet christian friends and how tremendously they touch and enrich our lives.  May we never forget they are truly gifts from God to be treasured!!!  Pickin for my Savior, Lindsay

Southern Raised and Pastor and Mrs. Rogers and their grandson little Conner!:)
Southern Raised and Matthew Rogers...is it just me..or do we look really small or what?!


4 thoughts on “Sweet Friends and Sweet Fellowship!

  1. The group was great last night at the Hazels Theater. You all bless me as you sing and testify. Lindsay you are very good at writing the blogs.

  2. What a blessing to have you youngin’s at our church in Mexico, MO this past Sunday evening. Your talent is overwhelming. Hope to see you again down the road soon.
    We love ya’ and God loves ya’

  3. Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday Linny
    Happy birthday to you

    We Love You
    Nonny & Pappy

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