Southern Raised in Mexico!!!:)

Southern Raised at CD Table
Southern Raised and The Lesters
 We had an awesome time last night in Mexico!  Yes, Southern Raised in Mexico, just not the one with as much southern exposure as you might be thinking!:)  Mexico, MO which is actually not too terribly far from Cuba, I think!!!!  Yes, there really is a Cuba and Mexico,Mo and we were in Mexico last night:)  We played a gospel concert to help raise funds for a local Christian School.  We were honored to share the stage with the Lesters and “A Work in Progress.”  The Lesters are a 3rd and 4th generation Southern Gospel group who have been in existence for 86 years!  ” A Work in Progress” was a Barber Shop Quartet from that area.  We enjoyed meeting and sharing the stage and evening with both of these groups!  We play a gospel concert tonight in Ashland and then Silver Dollar City is just around the corner!  We hope to see you there at the Red Gold Hall on Memorial Day weekend!
May God bless and keep you all in His loving care!
Southern Raised and "A Work in Progress" Barbershop Quartet
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