OUT OF STOCK “Journey On” Devotional Book


"JOURNEY ON" Devotion by Lindsay Reith is now available!

Forwarded by- Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar- 19 Kids and Counting

"Journey On is one of those books you'll go back to again and again. Like the "Southern Raised" music made by her family through the years, Lindsay has produced a work of depth. Among other benefits, Journey On will send you in search of memories-the good ones you have and the kind you wish to create." -Andy Andrews, New York Times bestselling author of "The Traveler's Gift & The Noticer"


"I love great personal stories that are wrapped up by incredible thought provoking truths. Thanks Lindsay's Reith for sharing your heart with us."- Eric Bennett- Triumphant Quartet


"We are all on a journey. Some of us are focused only on our steps. Others embrace it whole-heartedly and run. And then there are those put here on this earth to remind us of just how unique and wonderful this life really is. Page by page, Lindsay allows us to feel the warmth of the sunshine, to hear the melody of peace in the quiet times, and to see the vibrant colors that God has painted into the masterpiece of our life journey."- Kevin Williams- Guitarist, Humorist, Gaither Vocal Band



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