Oak Lane Camp Meeting

Wow!  What can I say?!  It will be hard to put into words the tremendous blessings we received this past week at the 10th Annual Oak Lane Camp Meeting in Harrison, Arkansas!  Pastor Lonnie Burks and his precious wife Sister Connie are inspirations and blessings beyond measure.  The entire Oak Lane Church family embraced us and took care of us with such consideration and love, it was overwhelming.  The preaching we heard was tremendous, pastors and evangelists  from around the country challenged us to grow in our faith in numerous areas and encouraged our walk with Christ!  We  had 5 awesome days of hearing preaching of the Word and  an awesome focus was on the 400th Anniversary Celebration of the King James Bible!  They had a beautiful banner in honor of the celebration and the importance of the Old King James Bible was preached on numerous times.  We sang the song ” I’ll Stick to the Old Stuff ” as a theme song.  The chorus says it so well- ” I’ll stick with the old stuff cause it works every time, from Genesis to Revelation there’s Power Divine, I was filled with the Spirit when He saved my soul, so I’ll stick with the old stuff all the way till I get Home.”   I am including a picture below of Southern Raised with Pastor Burks and Mrs. Burks as well as a picture of Southern Raised with Mr. Danny Sparks, the author of the song ” The Hammer Still Rings.”  That song is on our brand new album, ” For You He Left the Ninety-Nine.”  May God bless you all !

His Servant, Lindsay  

                       Southern Raised with Pastor and Mrs. Burks                         


Southern Raised with Mr. Danny Sparks

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