Heading Home Again

When Southern Raised left Benton we headed to Prairie Grove,AR.  We played at New Sulphur Free Will Baptist Church and had a wonderful time there with Pastor Burris and the congregation!  We met Pastor Burris and his wife at the Oak Lane Camp Meeting in Harrison,AR back in late April early May.  We were so blessed by the sermon he preached at the camp and loved his “sayings” that were so full of wisdom.  He had a way of putting things that communicated the point so well and in a phrase you would never forget!  One that I remember was “as confused as termites in a yoyo!”  Pastor Burris was also saying that he was not big on “labels” and he said that “one day those labels will either fly off on the way up or burn up on the way down!”  He did have alot of wisdom.  We want to thank him and his wife for having us to New Sulphur Free Will Baptist Church!  Below is a pic of Southern Raised and Pastor and Mrs. Burris.  Blessings,LindsaySouthern Raised with Pastor and Mrs. Burris

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