Happy Birthday!

November has almost come and gone already!  Not only does this time of year bring beautiful weather, it also brought us a beautiful baby 24 years ago!  Someone just had a birthday, can you guess who that somebody is?

I L-O-V-E – Y-O-U, You’re all of my dreams come true. From your cute little nose, to the tip of your toes, I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U

……This little baby has brought much joy to our family!

life is great!

….Always (well, pretty much) a happy little girl

Hmmmmm…………:)……..Daddy must have been babysitting:)!!!

….Yes, that would have been daddy that gave the hershey syrup bottle to her.  The syrup was getting low and hard to get out all that good syrup that was left sticking to the inside of the bottle.  So……….of course the best thing to do is if the syrup won’t come to you, go to the syrup!  He filled the bottle up with milk, gave it a vigorous shake and handed it to………………  Do you know who yet?

Love that little ponytail!!!:)

….We can’t get her to fix her hair like this anymore, but wouldn’t it be cute!

Are you beginning to figure it out?  She’s the little cowgirl on the right:)

…The way the South was tamed, by these two little cowgirls!  In those days, they were rounding up goats and chickens and keeping law and order on the farm!

Little Slugger!

….I believe she is saying “throw it and duck!”  This is the little second baseman and a slugger!

still has blonde pigtails but thankfully does have her front teeth now!

….A tooth rarely got pulled, it usually came out on a piece of pizza or on a toothbrush!!!

such a proud big sissy!

…Have you figured it out yet?  It’s probably getting easier!

tea for two, two for tea!

….This was at a mother-daughter tea.  “SOMEBODY”  thought it was such fun to get dressed up and sit at a fancy table with candles!  I think her favorite part was getting to use sugar cubes instead of granulated sugar!  I think her tea was extra sweet that day and not all of them went in her tea!

one of daddy’s little girls:)

….Daddy having fun with his little girl.  I’m sure there is a hershey bottle somewhere!

taking care of Bubbie

…I believe the little brother in the picture probably gives it away by now!  Doesn’t she look like such a proud big sissy and she still is!

you can accomplish anything in a coonskin cap, even math!!!

…Doesn’t everyone wear a coonskin cap while doing school!

Yes, it is Sarah!   Happy Birthday Sarah!!!

…Awwwww, there she is, it’s Sarah!  You could probably tell all along with the blonde hair and little pug nose.

When Sarah isn’t rolling on her banjo, you’ll probably find her with a book in her hand.  Sarah has always loved books, that is one of her favorite things.  She loves to sit down with a good book and get lost.  There’s a saying, “your life will be greatly influenced by the people you meet and the books you read.”   One of her favorite topics to read is history and she especially enjoys reading a good Lamplighter book that challenges her in her walk with the Lord.

Sarah Elizabeth at her favorite vintage shop, “The Secret Garden”


…………………………………..One thing about this birthday girl that you would probably never guess!!!:)………..is her avid interest in storms, weather and even tornadoes!!!  At one point she was actually a certified weather spotter, but that didn’t pan out so well when Mom said she could only spot from the basement window!……..Needless to say her interest has not diminished!………………………………………..


Birthday Girl!


A Posey of a Pose:)





Sarah is also our very gifted seamstress!  She has created everything from period historical costumes, performing outfits, quilts and even knitted socks!!!

roses are red violets are blue, a very happy birthday to you!

Sarah, you are such a blessing to this family!  We thank God for you!  We are so grateful He has placed you in this family.  You bless us so much with your sweet, kind spirit that is always looking for ways to help others.  You’re a wonderful daughter, sister and friend.  We are encouraged by your testimony and walk with the Lord and just love being around you!  May God pour out His wonderful blessings on you as you serve Him and walk with Him.  Our lives are better because of you!  Many Happy returns of the day!!!:):):)

We L-O-V-E-Y-O-U!!!

Warm Glow