Handcrafted by Southern Raised Daughter of the King Necklace


Handcrafted by Southern Raised vintage style jewelry. The Daughter of the King Necklace features uniquely handcrafted pearl chain, two hand stamped antique brass tags, one angel wing
with “Redeemed” on the necklace chain and one above the crown pendant with “Southern Raised”, a jewel ring, cross, key with crystal and birthstone on a rosette eyepin.

The story behind the Daughter of the King Necklace:
Psalms 45:13 The king’s daughter is all glorious within...As little girls, Mama would read a book that told stories of how we are Daughters of the King. Throughout the years, Mama would always remind us, “Remember who you are, you are royalty, a princess, a daughter of The King.” It was a reminder of who and what we are in Christ. A reminder that our value doesn’t come from the world. Remember, you are bought with a price, adopted into a royal family and your worth is found in Him! He sees within you, value beyond compare and as His princess He says, “You are
all glorious within!!!”