Fireworks at the Cross

Fireworks at the Cross!

Well, it has been awhile since I last blogged!  I have alot of catching up to do:)  Back on July the 3rd, Southern Raised was at the Cross Church in Rogers,AR.  We played 2 sets in the late afternoon and then sat back and enjoyed the most fabulous fireworks display I have ever seen before!!!  The pic above does not even do it justice!:)  We had a great time there despite the intense heat and humidity:)!  Southern Raised was excited to have both sets of grandparents present, our Aunt and Uncle and cousins and some of the Duggar family came as well!  We had alot of great fellowship together:)  I certainly hope you all had a blessed 4th of July!  With all my heart I thank the Lord for allowing me to live in the United States of America…..this is a blessing I should never take lightly and never forget that enormous price that was and is being paid for our freedom.  Patrick Henry said-” It is when people forget God that tyrants forge their chains.”  Let us never forget the Savior who has been so good to us and made us the great Nation we are!

Hoping you had a blessed Independence Day 2011!!!!  Lindsay

Southern Raised on Stage Outside
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