Bob Parker for US Congress uses Southern Raised music for campaign ad!

Elect Bob Parker

Southern Raised is honored to be played on a radio ad in support of Bob Parker for US Congress Missouri’s 8th District.   Mr. Parker recently produced a radio spot with Gene Peacock of KMHM 104.1.  While in the studio; he heard our newest CD, A Soul Going Somewhere.   In the radio ad below you will hear the Prairie Spring double fiddle piece, written by Mr. Jay Ungar and played by Southern Raised.  If you are in Missouri’s 8th District, we encourage you to visit his website.  Thank you  Mr. Parker and we wish you all the best!!!!  Please go vote folks!!!!  It really does matter and make a difference!

“They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security.”
Benjamin Franklin

Click on the link below to hear the ad with Southern Raised music.

Bob Parker Protect Our Freedom


 “A government big enough to

give you everything you want ,

is a government big enough

to take everything you have.”

— Thomas Jefferson

Southern Raised has been invited to stop by the victory celebration and play a couple of songs.  Please stand up and step out for your country today!!!!……………………………Lindsay